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New Product Range

2016-02-04 -  Company News

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer an extensive range of Infrared (IR) lamps, which are used in many industrial processes such as curing of coatings, forming of plastics, annealing, plastic welding, and print drying. In these applications, infrared heat sources are far more efficient than convection ovens or contact heating.

We will soon be providing more information about our newly established (IR) lamp supplier ‘VICTORY’ , as well as a detailed product information list.

New Website goes live

2015-06-30 -  Company News

It has been a long and interesting journey but CLS-UV are very pleased that their new website has now gone live. The new website brings with it great new look and new facilities. Its packed with information about all aspects of UV Lamps. We will try to cover all topics from basics of UV disinfection or U Curing to UV Lamp technical issues. We focussed on the sites usability  making sure people could find the information they’re looking for easily and to inform the website user of all the latest news and events.