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Medium Pressure UV Lamps

CLS_UV_MP_UV_LampCLS-UV offers high quality medium pressure ultraviolet lamps used in diverse water and air disinfection applications, which is our main focus. However in our product range we also have MP UV lamps used in variety of different applications from curing (UVA) to microbial disinfection (UVC).

In UV disinfection medium pressure UV lamps are mainly used in the waste water disinfection and ship ballast water systems. It is because MP UV lamps emit significantly more UVC energy than LP UV lamps  allowing systems to have a higher flow rate of water and/or fit in extremely compact footprint areas. High powered MP UV lamps emit energy over the 200 through 400 nm (polychromatic ) range as well as operating at a much higher temper range of 600 – 900°C.